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1. Direct with shipment
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        Shipping is 10 % off

2. Pick up in Sargent
        32 % Savings for Cash – You Haul - Bring your Own Blankets
        27 % Savings for Paypal – You Haul – Bring your Own Blankets
        You Haul = No shipping cost
        No out of state checks accepted!
        Sargent, Nebraska Sales Tax is 7 % is included in the pick up price
        Sargent, Nebraska = Substantial Savings of 25% to 20% with sales tax included

Appointments required for Sargent, Nebraska
        We provide: Personal Consultation
        Shrink Wrap
        Expert Loading Assistance
        Blankets available for $5.00 each or BYOB (Bring Your Own Blankets)

Price Comparison Example for One Georgian Court Chair 11-6211
Chair Discount Price Shipping Sales Tax Total Cost
eBay none 400 120 none 520
Option 1 15% paypal 340 108 none 448
Option 1 20% check 320 108 none 408
Option 2 20% paypal 320 none included 320
Option 2 25% cash 300 none included 300

Price Comparison Example for Royal Charter King Tester Bed
Bed Discount Price Shipping Sales Tax Total Cost
eBay none 4400 500 none 4900
Option 1 15% paypal 3740 450 none 4190
Option 1 20% check 3520 450 none 3970
Option 2 20% paypal 3520 none included 3520
Option 2 25% cash 3300 none included 3300

Option 1 will soon be available online with shopping cart check out.

EarthJunk's gently used Ethan Allen & Tell City Furniture is featured at Carriage House 201 South Highway 183 Sargent Ne. 68874. Carriage House may be open for scheduled events hosted by the Antique Society of Sargent. Otherwise, Carriage House is open by appointment for sales & customer pick up.

Shop EarthJunk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 303-907-0793 or 402-350-6740 to take advantage of direct sales savings or to make an appointment for pick up in Nebraska.

EarthJunk on eBay

EarthJunk's discontinued Ethan Allen & Tell City Furniture is online! Only 30% of EarthJunk's inventory is listed. Please email if you are looking for a specific piece.

Click Here to Browse Our eBay Store & then Call 303-907-0793 for your Best Price!

List of Renovated Rooms - Wall Covering - Collection - Wood

1. Shumacher Historical Landmarks with Lifesized Ethan Allen Statue - Have your picture taken!
2. Lee Jofa Green Robinson Crusoe Toile - Online Furniture Photo Studio
3. Thibaut Alabaster Memoire & Fragonard with Chateau Normandy - Pine
4. Thibaut Soprano with Ethan Allen Tuscany - Selected Hardwoods
5. Thibaut Coral Memoire & Fragonard Georgian Court & Canova - Cherry.
6. Parker Knoll Botanical with American Dimensions - Maple
7. Lee Jofa Mauve Four Seasons Toile with 236 Country French - Birch
8. Shand Kydd Metallic with Bisque Country French - Birch
9. Andover English Rose with Tell City Bedroom - Hard Rock Maple
10. Williamsburg Potpourri with Country French - Birch
11. Minton Dresden Plate with Tell City Dining Room - Oak & Maple
12. Williamsburg Tavern Check with Old Tavern Office - Pine
13. Lee Jofa La Chasse a Jouy Toile with Old Tavern Bedroom - Pine
14. Schumacher Gold Eagle Stripe Tell City Dining Room - Hard Rock Maple
15. Schumacher Red Eagle Stripe with Old Tavern Dining Room - Pine
16. Thibaut Jacobean Floral with Royal Charter - Oak
17. Christopher Moore Boucher Stripe with Classic Manor - Maple
18. Lee Jofa Scarlet Robinson Crusoe Toile with Legacy - Maple
19. Parker Knoll Chartreuse Bunnies, Bears & Bugs with Custom Room Plan - Maple
20. Smithsonian Museum Cooper Hewitt Ribbon Stripe with Circa 1776 - Maple
21. Thomas Strahan Aviary Stripe with Heirloom Dining Room - Maple
22. Sunworthy Colonial Quilt with Tell City Dining Room - Hard Rock Maple
23. Lee Jofa Pillement Chinoiserie with Habersham & Henredon
24. Imperial Victorian with Medallion - Cherry
25. Shumacher Floral Bouquet with Georgian Court - Cherry
26. to 29. A selection Waterhouse Wall Hanging

North Hallway completed Spring of 2012 with Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Museum Issued Wallpaper – Gorgeous – Lighting is from the imploded Aladdin in Las Vegas Nevada. This Lighting was in the Aladdin when Elvis Presley married Priscilla.

Plus 3 Additional Custom Room Plan Offices: Cindee's Old Tavern Pine, John's Heirloom Maple & Design Team's Alabaster White 8 Personal Rooms featuring Cole & So, Waterhouse WallHangings not described herein

We exclusively use Benjamin Moore Paint
Painting by Patti Coslor and Sheri Rickertsen
Wallcoverings installed by Mary Sevenker

Unfortunately, due to the size of our online business & the number of buildings under renovation we are open by Appointment only. We do not give free tours to Ladies Organizations.

EarthJunk is dedicated to helping you solve your decorating problems and have the home you want. Whether you're planning an entire room or choosing a coffee table our wide range of prices can help you stay within your budget!