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Please contact us, if your question is not answered.
Will you buy my Ethan Allen?

Earthjunk has limited space available for new inventory. Therefore, we are selectively buying certain pieces or collections.  In particular, King headboards and nightstands in all Ethan Allen collections would be purchased.  Definitely, other pieces in County French, Royal Charter, Radius and Farmhouse Pine Collections would be of interest. Email pictures along with your asking price to earthjunk@earthjunk.com.

Where's EARTHJUNK'S headquarters?

201 US HWY 183 Sargent, Nebraska 68874 is the address for our headquarters. Carriage House is our headquarters name.  In order to find Earthjunk, look for a 15,000 sq. ft. brick building with white shutters built on the west side of HWY 183. Moreover, Earthjunk’s Carriage House building is similar in appearance to the 1960’s & 1970’s Ethan Allen storefronts. Furthermore, the building faces east and has a large parking lot in front with a seedum landscaped walkway.  In addition, the parking lot is located between Jesse Street & Center Street. At this time, the Large Blue Sign in front of the building has www.earthjunk.com printed on the bottom line.

If driving south on HWY immediately after the Sargent Swimming Pool turn Right & “Enter on Center” making an second immediate turn Left into the parking lot.  If driving north on HWY 183, turn Left on Jesse Street and make an immediate turn Right into our parking lot. If you are driving north and miss Jesse Street you can turn left and also “ENTER on CENTER”. The parking lot is a quick and immediate left once you are on Center. North bound 183 traffic that drives by the Sargent Swimming Pool, Main Street & City Park you missed our large building. Carriage House served the community as a nursing home until 2009. Unfortunately, this large building can be easily missed due to the speed allowed on HWY 183. Definitely, use the landmarks described above to find us! For sure, we look forward to meeting you!

What are your hours?
Our inventory is available 24 hours a day online. We answer the phone 8 AM to 8 PM CST 365 days a year. We are available 365 days a year 24 hours by appointment. We open when the customer wants to pick up their furniture. A busy Omaha doctor arrived at midnight one Christmas Eve and returned several years later at the same time for another present for his wife. The front door has been unlocked countless times at 5 AM. It is our pleasure, to accommodate buyers travel and timeline plans.  Bottom line, we make any time work if we know in advance.  Appointments are highly recommended, so you do not drive to Sargent, only to find everyone is out of town working another EARTHJUNK job. Occasionally, we are doctoring in Omaha or Lincoln which is an all-day event due to the travel time involved. If you are traveling a distance, please make an appointment
Why do I need an appointment?
Reason 1 We are not in Sargent 365 days a year. Sometimes, the entire EARTHJUNK crew is loading/dispersing an estate in Colorado, Kansas, Iowa or South Dakota. Omaha or Lincoln estates range from an all-day to several days depending on the size.

Reason 2 Not all inventory is quickly accessible. EARTHJUNK’S inventory is dispersed among 7 other buildings. Inventory not in our showrooms at Carriage House takes time to locate and move out of crowded storage areas not accessible to customers.  When you make your appointment, we get the pieces you want to purchase over to Carriage House for your inspection. Carriage House is located right on Highway 183 and features easy access for loading your furniture.

Reason 3  Appointments prevent missed connections. Years ago, Canada buyers drove to Sargent without telling us. We were not even in Nebraska. They were mad and we were sad. We implemented appointment requests at that time to avoid a repeat occurrence. We do not want to disappoint our customers.


What is the best way to set up an appointment?
Call John at 402-350-6740 – Cindee at 303-907-0793 or send us an email at earthjunk@earthjunk.com


How much do appraisals cost?

We only appraise Ethan Allen & Tell City Chair Company furniture. We base appraisals off sales archives & our library of catalogs. Appraisals are for online retail value. Retail value is different than resell value.

Appraisals document replacement costs for insurance companies, document valuation for income tax purposes when donating furniture to charities (ask with your tax consultant) or establish divorce/estate dispersal.

Appraisals average 3 hours of time for one item and cost 39.99 if purchased directly from EARTHJUNK.  If you have 6 matching chairs, we charge 39.99 for all the matching chairs not $39.99 per chair.  We reduce the appraisal per item charge for dining room, living room or bedroom suites. Email for details if you have entire sets. We do not purchase items we appraise.

Will you appraise my items for free?

No. We charge the customer for only 2 hours. However, appraisals take 2 to 6 hours start to finish. The employee that enjoys this job, does not work for free. We do not make money on this service. We break even if the appraisal is finished In 2 hours. Past 2 hours, we absorb the hourly cost to assist our customer with problems we all experience at some point in life’s journey. The past 5 years, the popular appraisal service has run in the red.