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“The air is precious to the red man, for all things share the same breath – the animals, the trees, the man.”  CHIEF SEATTLE  (1790 -1866)

It is important for beautiful planet earth that we live green at every opportunity. Choosing to buy used furniture is about caring for the environment and obtaining furniture that stands the test of time.
Go green buy used furniture that is of high quality to prevent the carbon emissions. Used and recycled furniture is less toxic and fewer carbon emissions. It is carbon efficient. EARTHJUNK’S  used furniture is of high quality and made 10 or more years ago. In consideration of the preceding; you reduce toxic chemicals by buying recycled furniture instead of new furniture.
American brand name furniture is one of the hottest collectibles in green living. High end used American made furniture is in high demand because of its enduring quality. Consequently, high-quality furniture is not found in landfills. As a result, purchasing used American brand name furniture is carbon efficient rather than the new furniture of inferior quality causing more emissions. Earthjunk endeavors to rid the earth all junk furniture by offering green living quality furniture. Go green buy gently used furniture at Earthjunk