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We recommend Uship!

 Options if you can not pick up in Sargent

Buyer obtains their own quotes

Buyer researches shippers reputation

Buyer uses their own shipper.

Buyer pays the freight company they have selected.

Buyer communicates with their shipper and Earthjunk

Earthjunk works and assists the trucker

Pick up is scheduled with the trucker 24 hrs notice required

Buyer’s trucker/shipper picks up at Sargent, Nebraska 68874.

Your freight company picks up, packs, prepares and ships your item

Buyer schedules pick up at least 72 hours in advance

Call 303-907-0793 or 402-350-6740 to schedule

EARTHJUNK’S paperwork is signed by your shipper prior to leaving the building.

Earthjunk owners will be actively involved with your trucker, making sure your items are carefully prepared & loaded. We offer extended hours for trucker pick up 6 AM to 10 PM daily year round. We have easy access on a major US HWY.

Effective June 2022 select items can be transported to Sterling Colorado for pickup at 80751. Call 303-907-0793 for details


1. FULL DISCLOSURE  of freight circumstances so there are no surprises. Trucker arrival varies. Uship quote process is sometimes slow but the benefits in safety, cost and home delivery outweigh the wait.  You save when you wait so your items travel with other customers. 

2. COMMUNICATION We make every effort to inform the customer. We take the time to disclose details that make shipping furniture unique. We need buyers to provide us with their email address and at least one phone number regularly monitored. Two numbers prefered. We recommend Buyers check email regularly after purchase.

3. A PASSION for PERFECTION We oversee all operations done in Sargent, Nebraska & Sterling, Colorado.

We inspect & check the quality of the loading. Loading Pictures are posted on our facebook page.  Please like and follow Earthjunk on Facebook.  Over the decades, we learned furniture requirements are different from general merchandise if it is to arrive in one piece. Over years, we have designed and learned loading/shipping strategies exclusively needed for furniture. It is our pleasure to share our knowledge with the truckers should it be needed.  We are proud to announce Uship has our seal of approval.

We believe the EARTHJUNK difference is why most customers are repeat buyers. We answer the phones personally 8AM to 8PM CST. Any concerns or questions call 402-350-6740 or 303-907-0793
When customers purchase from Earthjunk, they are supporting hard working  senior citizens unable to retire. We have others depending on the success of this online business. We respectfully request buyer feedback reflects what we do, not factors we are unable to control. Your business is always appreciated.


Shipping furniture is not easy. Furniture is completely different than shipping small items or unbreakable products. Furniture appropriately packed takes time.

Most buyers are unaware of the labor and time involved in preparing furniture for safe arrival. Large furniture items like china cabinets take 8 to 14 hours to prepare. The minimum packing time for a straightforward rectangular piece of furniture is 2.5 hours. Handling furniture is labor-intensive and time-consuming. However, Uship has totally changed the industry. 5 years ago only the ultra rich could afford blanket wrap. Now all customers get blanket wrap when they choose Uship. Uship is cheaper than motor freight. Customers no longer have to go to the terminal. Your Uship driver will bring your furniture right to your home.

Shipping has many factors that we are unable to control. We have no control over the area trucker that takes freight to the national shipping company, shipping transit time, the national company or their employees working in your state. Circumstances that influence time include the high cost of diesel, the remote area in which we live, the truck requiring a full load to travel to the national carriers. Other businesses do not want us telling them how to run their company. We do not own a semi or any shipping companies. All shipping is Third Party. But now we have a better Third Party option and that is Uship.

We monitor the quality of Uship truckers workmanship as they load in Sargent.  We are Furniture Packing Experts but are now senior citizens unable to pack. On the rare occasion, we have a novice trucker arrive we help. We give them shrink wrap, help blanket, cardboard layers and whatever else it takes to get the furniture in their truck safely.  When loading takes place at our business, we are able to assist the customer by being actively involved with your trucker. To date, all truckers consult and implements our professional advice regarding the TLC our furniture requires. The truckers are independent businessmen. No throwing boxes like UPS and FedEx drivers. We have been thoroughly impressed with our Uship truckers. It is wonderful all customers now get blanket wrapped home delivery at a price cheaper than motor freight terminal pickup!

PROTECT IT (past efforts)


Buyers that upgrade to the PROTECT IT option give their furniture the ultimate protection in which to travel across the USA!


Buyers that wear a seat belt when driving may want their furniture to be held in place with the PROTECT IT wall.


Many pieces over the years have been saved thanks to our PROTECT IT wall. (extra thick cardboard or foam)





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