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Earthjunk loves Early American in all it guises. If you are undecided between the casual earliest American, more elegant Colonial with its Queen Anne and gracious Georgian or the fine and fancy Federal answer the following questions.

  1. What’s the basic style of your home’s architecture? If you love your house and are not moving in the near future, let your home be your guide.
  2. Who lives with you?
  3. Are your favorite colors earth tones with a splash of color or do you prefer pastels, jewel tones and metallics?
  4. Do you entertain? If so, what style of gatherings?

Your lifestyle and personal taste dictates the mood that best summarizes your style. Which one of these two words sums up your answers to the above questions, Casual or Refined?

If you are still unsure, read more….

Informal or the earliest (1720 Jamestown) American means casual and comfortable. Woods are predominately maple, cherry and oak.Fabrics are often homespun or handmade. Colors take their cue from nature as dyes came from planet earth, onion skins, indigo and berries. Cast and wrought iron, stoneware, pottery and pewter help create an Early American Mood. Examples of collections Earthjunk offers would be Country Craftsman, Antiqued Tavern Pine, Farmhouse Pine and Young Republic.

Formal (refined)or the Colonial and Federal styles call for more detailed in the woods, which have fine carvings and refined finishes. Satin and brocades are used in a variety of colors. Metals are now polished, highly gleaming accents to the china and crystal found in the formal style. Georgian Court, British Classics, and Classic Manor are 3 examples of formal collections Earthjunk offers.

If you love both looks, you may want to choose your own eclectic mix of “traditional” furniture. Whatever you decide remember Earthjunk has furniture built to last forever.